What To Look For In An Aftermarket Jeep Skid Plate

Off-roading and getting out on the trails are common activities for many Jeep owners. While Jeeps are known for their off-road abilities, many of the modern models don’t offer many options when it comes to protecting your vehicle. Thankfully, the aftermarket provides countless options to help protect your Jeep for many future adventures. Below, we’ll cover many benefits of Throttle Down Kustoms skid plates and their many options for protection. 

Why Don’t Jeeps Have Better Skid Plates?

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When Jeep manufactures a new model, designers must consider many factors, from safety to weight savings to power delivery, drivability, cost, and many others. A major concern is fuel economy. Government fuel economy standards are financially important to Jeep, and customers have to pay for gas. If fuel economy is too low, Jeeps won’t sell.

While plenty of Jeep owners go off-roading, many owners never see a dirt trail. For 90% of owners, underbody protection will never be a concern. So new Jeeps have very minimal, lightweight skid plates. This means inevitably, you may need to add some modifications to your Jeep if you’re going to be using it for off-road driving or rock crawling. If you plan to take your Jeep out on the trails, check out our skid plate offerings. Additionally, you can find great off-road bumpers for your Jeep here.

The Benefits Of Skid Plates

If you’re just getting into off-roading, the benefits of skid plates may not be totally obvious. While better clearance angles are always a benefit, your vehicle is always limited by the height of the vehicle’s underside. If you check out forums, you’ll find many modern jeeps have a small lightweight skid plate behind the front bumper. Depending on the trim level, Jeeps will have skid plates that range from very minimal to decent.

Those with minimal skid plates don’t have much protection. If you really use your Jeep off road, poor or no skid plates can lead to a lot of underbody damage.

What To Look For In A Skid Plate

Skid plates have an important job. Be sure that you choose an aftermarket plate that:

  • Is made of high-quality materials.
  • Offers ample coverage to protect important parts like the oil pan, transmission, drive shaft, differential, fuel tank and transfer case.
  • Can accommodate your frame shape and any drivetrain modifications.

Throttle Down Kustoms skid plates range from oil pan covers to full-coverage skid plate systems that protect the pans, transmission, and most of the underside of your vehicle. Of course, all our skid plate systems are built of more sturdy and heavy-duty steel than the weight-saving versions offered by the manufacturer. Whether you are new to the trails or a seasoned veteran of off-roading, be sure to check out our many skid plate offerings to help keep your Jeep or Bronco protected in any conditions:

Bronco1966-77 Ford Bronco
1966-77 Coyote Bronco (fits TDK Coyote Bronco Frame)
Jeep CJ1976-79 Jeep CJ
1980-86 Jeep CJ
1980-86 Jeep CJ (NV4500 style transmission)
Universal Style Jeep CJ
TJ Wrangler1997-2002 TJ Wrangler (fits TDK frame)
1997-2006 TJ Wrangler (fits factory frame)
YJ Wrangler1987-1995 YJ Wrangler

When it comes to protecting your vehicle on the roads or out on the trails, look no further than Throttle Down Kustoms. All our products have been hand-built here in the U.S.A. since 2004. With a lifetime warranty behind our products, you can be safe and confident wherever your vehicle takes you. You can learn more about our custom work here, or you can contact us here.

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