All About The Throttle Down Kustoms Mayhem Bumper

For many people, our standard steel bumpers are more than enough protection. But if you’re pushing your truck offroad or live in deer country, the Mayhem steel bumper may be the perfect fit. The Mayhem bumper features plenty of protection for the front grille, radiator, and headlights. Going from an OEM bumper to a steel bumper can be a big decision; check out this post to learn more about the pros and cons of steel bumpers. Like all our bumpers, the Mayhem bumper is made in the USA from American steel.

Why LEDs Matter

LED lighting is a custom option you don’t want to miss out on, and adding LED capability to this bumper is well worth the upgrade. LEDs are helpful for many reasons – among them are:

  • The ability to see and be seen. Don’t take chances on dark roads or in foggy conditions – ensure that you are visible and can see well enough to navigate safely.
  • A custom look. LED lights are an eye-catching feature – especially when they’re so seamlessly integrated into the design of your bumper.
  • Off-road safety. Ever hit the trails or travel rural roads at night? You need durable, dependable lights to get in and out of the woods safely.

LED lights are one of the most popular accessories to install on the Mayhem. Our customers often mount a light bar on top of the bumper between the uprights. And we offer optional recessed mounting holes for one or two sets of cube LED lights.

The Fine Details

There are several other options you may want to add to your new Mayhem bumper before it leaves our manufacturing facility:

  • Parking Sensors – If you’ve got parking sensors in your OEM bumper, let us know, and we’ll put holes in the bumper to mount them.
  • Receiver Hitch – We can add a receiver hitch either just above the license plate or hidden behind it.
  • Winch Mounts – The durable steel material is optimal for mounting a winch – learn about the benefits of a winch in this article.
  • Powder Coating – We now offer several powder coating options to choose from. You can get powder coating applied in black, gloss black, matte black, bright white, Bengal silver, or silver vein. And, if you want to paint your bumper to match your truck, we can ship it in bare steel, ready to paint. 
  • Adaptive Cruise Control – If you have ACC, we’ll put a hole in the bumper for the sensor. 
  • Engine Block Heater – If your truck has an engine block heater, we will add a hole for mounting the plug.

Like all TDK bumpers, every Mayhem bumper is CNC cut and fabricated to exact specifications to ensure easy installation and proper fit on your truck. Plus, with our lifetime warranty, you can be confident in long-lasting protection, whatever the trails and roadways may throw at you. 

Refer to the table below to find a TDK Mayhem Bumper for your make and model:

ChevySilverado 1500
Silverado HD
DodgeRAM 1500
F-150 Raptor
Super Duty
GMCSierra 1500
Sierra HD
MercedesSprinter Van
NissanTitan XD

With more than 15 years in business, we know trucks. Our team of craftsmen and welders is happy to help you get the correct bumper for your ride. We also are glad to help out with custom work. You can learn more about our custom work here, or check out some of our customer reviews here.

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