Considering A Bull Bar For Your Jeep? Read This First.

One of the most popular ways to add a bit of personalization and protection to your Jeep is with an aftermarket bumper. Over the past 20 years, countless bumper designs and applications have become available. They’ve been designed for everything from off-road use to just providing a more modern and stylized look. Below, we’ll explain one popular style – the bull bar – and show you some alternatives that offer more bang for your buck.

What Does A Bull Bar Look Like?

Image Credit: JeepGladiatorForum

A bull bar (pictured above) is a narrow mid-line bumper in the shape of a continuous closed hoop. Originally the bull bar was designed to protect the front end from the occasional cow wandering on a rural road – hence the name. Bull bars have also been called roo bars or moose bars, and even other names, depending on what animal might be encountered in the region of the world you’re in.

Off-Roading With A Bull Bar

The off-road community adapted the bull bar to provide protection for the winch and grill. They were initially very popular with Jeep owners. However, over time, many better options have emerged.

Off-road trails are, by their nature, a harrowing environment for the front end of your rig. Pushing through brush and maneuvering between rocks puts your front end at risk. Shoring up the front end of your Jeep is a wise choice if you spend any time off road.

Your bumper becomes the first point of contact – and not just in the center where a bull bar is mounted. So, rather than broken grilles, fenders and bodywork, invest in a heavy-duty bumper that will absorb a large amount of that impact and save you from a costly repair bill.

If you’re considering adding a heavy duty bull bar to your Jeep, it makes sense to upgrade your entire bumper and customize it to meet your particular needs instead. A bull bar offers half the coverage…and only does half the job.

TDK Bumpers: Better Than A Bull Bar

A Throttle Down Kustoms bumper is simply a better investment. Our custom Jeep bumpers are a step-up in protection and customization. If you’re serious about taking your Jeep off-road, you want a bumper that will provide:

  • Capable Recovery Points
  • Ample Room For Lighting Options
  • The MOST Protection Possible
  • Winch Access and Protection

For many of the items mention above, a bull bar just won’t do. Throttle Down Kustoms fabricates steel bumpers that meet all these needs. They’re constructed from 3/16 or 1/4 inch thick PNO steel plate and won’t interfere with your factory parking sensors.

Recovery Points

If you need to tow or be towed, you need multiple solid, strong recovery points. We often recommend our Jeep customers check out our PreRunner lineup. This rugged bumper (pictured above) offers edge-to-edge protection for your front end with a bull bar look. However, unlike a bull bar, it offers it also offers extra space for mounting LED lights or a winch, and most importantly: multiple recovery points.

Customization Options

Above you can see another Push Bar bumper example. This custom Jeep Push Bar bumper was specially designed by TDK with a center mounted LED bar and integrated LED cube lights. If you want options for integrated features like these, you should consider going a step beyond a basic bull bar.

Superior Protection

Another popular option for Jeep owners is the Push Bar bumper pictured on a Ford Bronco above. This bumper also offers a bull bar look, but with the integrity and strength that comes with a one piece heavy duty steel bumper.

Winch-Ready Designs

Throttle Down Kustoms steel bumpers are highly customizable. If you see a style you like and would like to talk to us about customizing it to meet your needs, just give us a call. We can work winches and additional hooks into the design of most of our bumpers. Check out the image above of another specialty Jeep bumper build we’re particularly proud of.

When it comes to personalizing and protecting your vehicle, don’t settle for a bull bar. Instead, invest is a custom steel bumper that will meet all your needs.

All our bumpers, frames, skid plates, and accessories are hand built and welded by professionals in Montana, U.S.A. We’ve been in business since 2004, and we’re happy to help you with whatever custom work you might be looking for. You can check out our Jeep bumper offerings here or read our reviews here today.

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