Is Adding A Bull Bar To My Truck Worth It?

When it comes to upgrading the bumper on your truck or vehicle, the idea of installing a bull bar may come up. Aftermarket steel bumpers and add plenty of power and personality to a vehicle. However, a bull bar may fall short of your expectations.

A better option? Upgrading your front end protection with a custom steel bumper that’s designed to fit your specific needs. Read on to learn why a Throttle Down Kustoms steel bumper is a better long-term investment.

What Is A Bull Bar?

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A bull bar is shaped like the bumper you see above. Imagine a continuous hoop that curves under the front bumper and is fastened underneath the bumper to the truck’s frame. The name originates from livestock applications where the bumper is literally used to ‘nudge’ cattle out of the way without damaging the truck grille or front bumper.

Any truck owner considering adding a bull bar is essentially looking for:

  • Better Front End Protection
  • A Unique, Custom Look

Below we’ll discuss how both of these needs are better served by the features found in a high-quality TDK bumper.

Front End Protection

Generally speaking, a prominent custom front bumper is a great aesthetic addition – that’s a given. Second to that is the added safety and protection a steel bumper offers. It’s a great way to protect your grille and bodywork. But before you invest you need to consider: Which offers the best protection?

Let’s start with a traditional bull bar. Pairing an aftermarket steel bull bar with your stock front bumper will not be the heavy duty barrier you’re hoping for. When the bull bar encounters pressure it can flex and come into contact with the lightweight metal or plastic of your stock bumper. A steel bar coming into contact with a stock bumper will inevitably damage the stock bumper. Additionally, bull bars are narrow and will only protect the small area they cover.

Compare that to a Throttle Down Kustoms steel Push Bar bumper (pictured above). This heavy-duty bumper has a center rise that offers grille protection but with the added strength that comes from its one-piece welded edge-to-edge construction. A bull bar only does half the job – a heavy duty steel bumper offers protection for your entire front end.

Room For Customization

Next let’s consider the addition of front end surface area. Custom bumpers (like the TDK PreRunner pictured above) offer ample space to mount custom lighting, recovery points and winch platforms.

Traditional bull bars are front-and-center mounted and, simply put, are too small for real customization. So if all you want is a small amount of center-focused accessory lighting, a bull bar may fit your needs.

However, if you really want to add features that make a real difference in how your truck looks and performs, you need versatility. Spot LEDs, led bars, winches, hooks and strategically placed fog lights make all the difference when it really counts, both on and off-road. A custom steel bumper will give you all the space you need to install custom features that matter.

Better-Than-Bull-Bar Protection From Throttle Down Customs

Essentially, bull bars are the less-is-more approach to a bumper upgrade. Take it from us – when it comes to front end protection, it’s better to be part of the more-is-more crowd. If you’re considering enhancing the front end of your rig, do it the right way. Invest in a protective bumper with features that will perform when it matters.

We’re happy to talk with you about starting a custom order. We do plenty of custom designs and fabrications. All our bumpers are hand-built here in the U.S.A. by our own team of fabricators and welders. We’ve been making bumpers since 2004, and we offer a lifetime warranty on all our products. Contact us online anytime or give us a call at 406-374-2285.

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