The Best Steel Super Duty Aftermarket Bumpers You’ll Find

When you have a Super Duty, aftermarket bumpers are the way to go. It’s because OEM Super Duty bumpers are typically made with aluminum, which doesn’t provide much protection.

If you’re wondering which material is best for a sturdy bumper, the answer is steel. A well-built steel bumper drastically improves your truck’s safety, as well as its style and functionality.

Not all Super Duty aftermarket bumpers are created equal, though. That’s why it’s important to look for the right things while shopping for a steel bumper.

What To Look For In A Steel Bumper

If you want a high-quality steel bumper that provides maximum protection, you need to find one that has the following features:

  • High-grade steel
  • High-quality welds
  • Precise fitment for your Super Duty model

Throttle Down Kustoms delivers in all three departments, and then some more. For starters, TDK bumpers:

  • Are made of thick PNO steel sourced in the U.S.
  • Have top-quality assembly, including the best welds in the industry.
  • Can be powder coated or left “raw” and ready to paint. When left “raw”, there are no swirl marks, and the bumpers are shrink-wrapped. That means they can go straight to the paint shop.
  • Are CNC laser cut for precise fitment.
  • Come with 3/4 inch Clevis mounts.
  • Lifetime warranty.

TDK Bumpers Built Specifically For Ford Super Duty Trucks

At Throttle Down Kustoms, we carry a variety of high-quality custom steel bumpers for Super Duty trucks dating back to 1992. Take a look at each style we have to offer:

1. Standard Steel Bumper

Ford aftermarket bumper

This bumper is made to fit like your OEM bumper, but with a whole lot more style and durability.

2. Standard Steel Bumper With Integrated Grille Guard

Ford aftermarket grille guard

The integrated grille guard protects your grille, radiator, and engine compartment from wandering animals. This sort of bumper is perfect for driving in rural areas.

3. Standard Steel Bumper With Integrated Push Bar

Ford aftermarket push bar

The push bar serves as the first point of contact for debris and other road hazards.

4. Cyclone Series

Ford cyclone aftermarket bumper

The newest TDK series, the Cyclone Series was created specifically to provide adequate lighting in the dark (in addition to providing maximum protection).

5. Mayhem Series

Ford mayhem aftermarket bumper

The Mayhem Series is like our standard bumper with an integrated grille guard, but with a more rugged, aggressive look.

6. Prerunner Series

Ford prerunner aftermarket bumper

The Prerunner Series was created specifically for four-wheeling and off-road racing. It’s a stronger version of our standard bumper with an integrated push bar. It also pushes away large rocks, debris, and other off-road hazards.

7. Standard Steel Rear Bumper

Ford aftermarket rear bumper

Our rear bumpers are built to be much stronger and more durable than the OEM rear bumpers. They also come with 3/4 inch Clevis mounts.

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