3 Reasons to Buy A TDK Steel Bumper Instead of an OEM Ford Super Duty Bumper

Looking for a new bumper for your Ford Super Duty? Before buying an OEM replacement bumper, consider getting a Throttle Down Kustoms (TDK) steel bumper instead.

Why? Three great reasons:

1. TDK Bumpers Offer More Value

Durable ford bumper

While an OEM Ford Super Duty bumper typically costs a little less upfront, TDK steel bumpers offer a lot more value.

Take an OEM bumper for a 2016 Ford Super Duty, for instance. It costs almost $800. An OEM bumper for a 2017 Ford Super Duty can cost you up to $700. And neither of these include any mounting hardware, outer molding and bezels, the valance, or anything else. When you have to buy additional parts and hardware, it’s easy to spend over $1,000 on an OEM replacement.

A solid steel bumper from TDK doesn’t cost a lot more, but it comes with all the hardware you need. And it offers a lot more toughness and style. Also, you’ll get to customize your TDK bumper to your liking, which is something you can’t really do with an OEM bumper.

2. TDK Bumpers Are More Durable

Durable ford bumper

Even though OEM Ford Super Duty bumpers are stronger than the bumpers found on F-150s, these bumpers are still not as durable as TDK bumpers. TDK uses thick steel to make bumpers with strong internal supports. TDK bumpers are also available in a powder coat finish, which is more durable than chrome or painted metal.

3. TDK Bumpers Are Easier To Accessorize

Accessory ford bumper

It’s pretty difficult to add fog lights or a light bar to an OEM bumper, let alone a winch. The OEM bumper is just not designed to accommodate accessories.

TDK bumpers are much easier to accessorize. TDK offers the option to customize your bumper with a receiver hitch, winch mount, and/or light hole sets. Plus, TDK bumpers are made with high-quality CNC laser cut solid PNO steel. This means TDK bumpers are incredibly strong, and they can hold a bunch of accessories with ease.

Key Takeaway

If you want to outfit your Ford Super Duty truck with a strong and durable bumper, then a TDK bumper is your best bet. Compared to OEM Ford Super Duty bumpers, TDK bumpers are stronger, offer more value, and are easy to accessorize.

Check out all the custom TDK bumpers available for Ford Super Duty trucks here.

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