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Every Throttle Down Kustoms bumper is designed and built with quality and durability in mind. That’s why we CNC laser cut solid PNO steel for precise fitment. Our highly-skilled welders and fabricators hand weld the steel plates together, and then our trained and certified fabricators finish the bumper to make it smooth and ready for paint. We oversee the entire process in-house at our Moore, Montana, facility. Our meticulous production process results in high-quality bumpers that can endure the harshest conditions for a lifetime. It's an upgraded bumper through and through.

Our custom Ford bumpers are built mostly for heavy-duty Ford pickups - 1992 to present F-250s to F-550s - but we also offer a limited selection of bumpers for newer F-150s and, of course, the Raptor. Our selection includes front and rear bumpers, grille guards, mayhems, prerunners, and push bars. We’re happy to customize your bumper, adding light holes, powder coating, and more to ensure you get the right fit for your truck.

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Bumper - Ford - Bumper
Are you ready to upgrade your Ford's bumper? You can't go wrong with a Throttle Down Kustoms steel bumper. Throttle Down Kustoms is the top brand for Ford steel bumpers . All TDK bumpers are...More Details »
Bumper - Ford - Bumper Grille Guard
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Bumper - Ford - Cyclone
The Cyclone bumper from Throttle Down Kustoms is built from a quality PNO steel plate, which has been CNC laser cut by TDK's certified welders. It's customizable too. The Cyclone is available...More Details »
Bumper - Ford - Mayhem
Looking to upgrade to a strong steel bumper that will protect your Ford truck’s grille area from rocks, road debris, and other vehicles? A Throttle Down Kustoms Ford Mayhem bumper is just...More Details »
Bumper - Ford - Prerunner
Prerunner bumpers provide superior protection in four-wheeling and off-road racing situations. That’s why you want the safest and most durable prerunner bumper for your Ford truck. A...More Details »
Bumper - Ford - Push Bar
The Throttle Down Kustoms Push Bar is an essential addition to your Ford truck. Charge through natural debris and feel confident that you are protected from unexpected wildlife while at work or...More Details »
Bumper - Ford - Rear Bumper
Ditch that flimsy factory bumper before it costs you more than just a repair bill. Here at Throttle Down Kustoms, we build the highest quality steel rear bumpers around. Our aftermarket Ford steel...More Details »