The History Of The Laser Cutter

From sensors to heat sources to cutting materials, the list of laser applications is long. In a little more than 60 years, this technology has managed to change the world, and that’s not an overstatement.

Take a look at our new graphic to see what we mean. (Disclaimer: It’s difficult to talk about lasers without quoting movie lines. We had a hard time choosing between Austin Powers and James Bond, so we went with the original.)

Laser cutting history graphic

Computer numerical control (CNC) machining is an important aspect to the work we do here at Throttle Down Kustoms. Like the graphic points out, laser cutting in manufacturing was revolutionized with CNC. It’s more precise than other methods and uses less energy when cutting the steel. CNC laser cutting also allows for cutting custom or complex shapes without any tooling. Plus, the heat area is small, reducing the possibility of material deformation. Long story short, CNC machines allow us to make our high-quality steel bumpers more accurately and more efficiently.

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