The Pros And Cons Of Adding LED Lights To Your Steel Bumper

If you are fitting a custom steel bumper to your vehicle, you might want to add LED lights to it as well. There are plenty of reasons why that’s a good idea, but there are a few points to keep in mind before adding them.

In this blog, we discuss the pros and cons of adding LED lights to your steel bumper so you can make the right decision for your truck. Read on to learn why LED lights are a great idea – we’ll discuss the advantages of :

  • Improved Visibility
  • Increased Safety
  • A Custom Look


Whether driving down a poorly lit road or out on a trail, having a set of LED lights on your bumpers will greatly aid visibility. For both you and other road users. You can also use them as daytime running lights, making it easier for other drivers to spot your vehicle.

Our TDK LED lights are built tough, so will stand up to harsh off-road terrain and bad weather. That makes them a great addition to your truck whether you plan to head off the beaten path or not.


A set of bright LED lights that can highlight road hazards is a great way to enhance your safety when driving at night. If you live in a rural area, bright LEDs will let you see animals, potholes, or road debris far sooner. Being able to see further down the road is the best way to avoid a puncture or accident in poor visibility conditions.


Your truck is an extension of your personality, and a set of LED lights in a custom steel bumper certainly helps you stand out from the crowd. They give your truck a more purposeful look that a stock truck just doesn’t have.

We have an option to cut our bumpers with 3-inch x 3-inch square holes and any 3×3 LED Pod Style light will fit in those holes. Many of our steel bumpers can be made with either 1 or 2 sets of light holes. You can choose from a variety of LED lights that TDK has selected to work perfectly with your bumper.

Things To Consider Before Adding LEDs To Your Custom Bumper

Be sure you have covered all you bases before you start installing LEDs on your bumper. You’ll want to be aware of:

  • Any Extra Costs
  • The Installation Process and Additional Wiring (If Needed)
  • Local Laws Regarding LED Lights Usage and Placement


Adding LED lighting does cost a bit more. However, TDK offers many bumpers with LED mounting tabs, making installing LED lights cheaper and simpler. Even if you decide to do it at a later stage.

We also sell all the accessories required to make your LED lights work perfectly. And while you may pay a bit more upfront, a quality set of LED lights certainly adds value to your truck. 


You will have to install the lights and get them wired up. Our bumpers come with detailed installation instructions, making it as easy as possible. Even for DIY enthusiasts. Our lighting kits come with mounting brackets and wiring harnesses that are easy to fit.

It’s essential to use high-quality parts to prevent any issues with the wiring or lighting. Electrical shorts can damage your vehicle, and cheap LED lights can overheat and fail.

TDK LED kits are built to withstand the toughest conditions, and we only use high-quality parts to ensure that they perform above expectations. 

LED Lighting Laws

As a general rule, LED light bars are legal for off-road use in all 50 states. However, specific state and municipal laws govern where they can be mounted and how they can be used.

Many also restrict the use of specific colors. For example, red and blue are not allowed as legal agencies use them. Some states limit LED light bar use on public roads, while others have restrictions on the brightness levels. Research the usage and placement laws in your state or municipality thoroughly before deciding on LED installation.

Custom Steel Bumpers With LEDs From Throttle Down Kustoms

Many of our steel bumpers (like the Hurricane bumper line) are specifically designed to be fitted with LED lights or have mounting points for them. We can cut light holes and install light bar mounting tabs to suit your needs. Throttle Down Kustoms has been making quality bumpers since 2004. Each bumper, frame, skid plate, or accessory is hand-welded by certified professionals, so working custom LEDs into your bumper design is no problem.

Each of our custom steel bumpers is built right here in the USA from the highest-quality materials. We specialize in custom fabrication and offer a lifetime warranty on our products. Contact us here for more information on what LED lighting solutions we can offer you.

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