11 Things Truckers Know About Towing

Most of you went through driver’s education training when you learned to drive a car. And, of course, semi-truck drivers have to go to a driving school to get their Commercial Driver’s License. There are some schools that specialize in training people on how to tow a large trailer or fifth wheel, but they aren’t common.

towing safety ebook

So we put together a list of things that truckers know about towing. These insights should help you tow safely whether you’re towing an RV or an equipment trailer or a couple jet skis. The guide covers three main areas:

  • Getting the Truck Ready
  • Getting the Trailer Ready
  • Driving While Towing a Trailer

We focused on the lesser-known things that are not necessarily “common sense.” We hope the article helps you prepare better and tow safer. Get your copy here!

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