New Truck Lighting Options With TDK’s Hurricane Bumper

At Throttle Down Kustoms, we’re excited to announce the debut of a new bumper series! Called the TDK Hurricane Bumper series, these bumpers are not ordinary in the least bit.

The Hurricane Bumper Comes With Built-In Lights

Hurricane lights

What makes this new bumper unique is the fact that it comes with built-in LED lights. We partnered up with Baja Designs, a brand that’s well known for its high quality LED lights. The Hurricane bumper includes five center pod-style LED lights from Baja Designs. The lights are available in either white or amber. You can also choose to include both light colors on your Hurricane bumper.

Having a Hurricane bumper on your truck means extra style and a much higher light output. It will be quite beneficial to any driver, especially those who drive in the woods or rural areas often.

Like all TDK bumpers, the Hurricane bumper is warrantied for life and made in the USA.

You Can Customize Your TDK Hurricane Bumper

This bumper comes with many different custom options:

  • Optional fog light holes (one or two)
  • LED light colors (white, amber, or a combination of the two)
  • Placement of the LED lights (Wide/Cornering or Driving/Combo)
  • Style (Mayhem grille guard, Prerunner, or Pushbar)
  • Optional powder coating

All these options allow you to build the perfect Hurricane bumper that suits your truck and your needs to a tee.

The Hurricane Bumper Is Compatible With Several Trucks

Ford hurricane

Are you wondering if you can get a TDK Hurricane bumper for your truck? If you have a newer truck, the answer is likely yes. The Hurricane bumper is built to fit the following full-size trucks:

If you need help deciding on the right Hurricane bumper style for your truck, feel free to contact us. We’re always happy to help!

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