Finding The Best Custom Steel Bumper For Your Chevy Truck

Upgrading to a steel bumper is one of the best things you can do for your Chevy truck. There are many reasons to ditch your stock bumper in favor of a custom steel bumper, the most important ones being:

  • Durability
  • Safety
  • Style
  • Long term affordability
  • Accessory mounting

Why Throttle Down Kustoms Is A Choice Brand For Steel Bumpers

When looking for a reputable shop to build your custom steel bumper, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the choices, especially if you’re unsure of what you’re supposed to look for. The main purpose of your steel bumper is to protect your truck, so quality should be your number one priority. Throttle Down Kustoms bumpers offer all the hallmarks of a quality bumper:

  • High-grade steel
  • Professional welding
  • Precise fitment
  • Versatile design

All TDK bumpers are made of sturdy PNO steel plate, laser cut for precise fitment, and hand-welded by certified welders. On all TDK bumpers, you’ll find a set of ¾” Clevis mounts with 7/8” holes for severe duty. Our bumpers are also designed to be compatible with both factory and aftermarket add-ons, including LED lights, fog lights, parking sensors, winches, and more.

To make your TDK bumper truly custom, you have the freedom to choose from a variety of options, such as powder coating colors, light holes, and more. Last, but not least, all TDK bumpers are covered under a lifetime warranty.

It’s easy to see why TDK is one of the most popular custom steel bumper brands on the market.

TDK Steel Bumpers For Your Chevy Truck

At Throttle Down Kustoms, we offer 7 different kinds of steel bumpers for Chevy Silverado models dating back to 2001.

1. Our Standard Custom Bumper

Chevy steel bumper

Our standard custom Chevy bumper is the original TDK design, and it’s still a great looking bumper. It’s also leaps and bounds sturdier and more durable than the stock bumper that comes with all Silverado models. Precise fitment is guaranteed with a TDK bumper, as they’re carefully designed for an OE fit.

Available for all Chevy truck models from 2001 on.

2. Our Standard Custom Bumper With Integrated Grille Guard

Chevy grille guard

chevy colorado steel grille guard

Guarantee protection over your engine and radiator with one of our standard custom bumpers that include an integrated grille guard. MIG welded by certified professionals, all TDK grille guards are made from solid PNO steel plate and steel wall tubing. New Chevy truck owner? This bumper grille guard is available for even the most current Chevy and Chevy HD models, and the high-end craftsmanship guarantees maximum durability and a lifespan as long as your trucks.

Available for all Chevy truck models from 2001 on.

3. Our Standard Custom Bumper With Integrated Push Bar

Chevy aftermarket Push bar

Whether you’re using your Chevy truck as a workhorse or an off-road beast, you’ll benefit from a TDK steel bumper with an integrated push bar. Its design may be subtle, but its functionality is off the charts. It’s well equipped to protect you and your truck from large rocks, debris, wildlife, or anything else it may encounter while in motion.

Available for all Chevy truck models from 2001 on.

4. Our Cyclone Series Custom Bumper

Chevy cyclone aftermarket bumper

The all-new TDK Cyclone series bumpers are designed to support a 20” LED light bar for driving in the dark. They’re the most customizable bumpers offered by TDK, featuring:

  • A removable, customizable air vent
  • An integrated mount for a 20” light bar
  • Compatibility with OEM parking sensors
  • Optional fog light holes

Available for all Chevy truck models from 2001 on.

5. Our Mayhem Series Custom Bumper

Chevy mayhem custom bumper

Chevy mayhem grille guard

If you’re looking for a grille guard that not only protects your radiator and engine compartment but also sports an aggressive and rugged look, then the TDK Mayhem bumper is the perfect fit for you. All TDK Mayhem bumpers act as grille guards and are designed to fit your Chevy truck model year.

Available for all Chevy truck models from 2001 on.

6. Our PreRunner Series Custom Bumper

Chevy prerunner custom bumper

Chevy prerunner custom bumper

The TDK PreRunner bumper is a great choice for any Chevy Silverado owner looking to take their truck off-roading. Made from high-strength steel, the PreRunner bumper is designed to protect your truck’s front end from large rocks, debris, and heavy impacts.

Available for all Chevy truck models from 2001 on.

7. Our Standard Custom Rear Bumper

Chevy rear bumper custom

Chevy rear bumper white

Nothing can protect your Silverado’s rear better than a TDK rear bumper. Made of CNC laser-cut high-strength steel, all TDK rear bumpers come with a set of license plate lights and they’re compatible with Clevis mounts.

Available for all Chevy truck models from 2001 on.

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