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Outfitting your Tacoma or Tundra with a steel bumper is one of the best investments you can make. And when it comes to steel bumpers, you can’t go wrong with a Throttle Down Kustoms steel bumper. Designed and handmade specifically for Toyota trucks, our bumpers are made from CNC laser-cut solid PNO steel plate. The plates are hand welded together, and then the bumper is finished to be smooth and ready for paint. Most of our bumpers are available with an integrated steel wall tubing brush guard, and all bumpers come with a set of 3/4" Clevis mounts with 7/8" holes designed for severe duty.

Every bumper from Throttle Down Kustoms is available either powder coated or with a ready-to-paint steel finish. The bumpers can be ordered with or without the holes and OEM-style fasteners needed for parking sensors and fog lights (depending on model), and of course every bumper is handmade in the USA. Every bumper comes with a limited lifetime warranty too, as our rugged bumpers will likely outlast your Toyota.

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Bumper - Toyota - Bumper
Front bumpers from Throttle Down Kustoms not only protect your Toyota from damage, they also offer an upgraded look. Available with either a bare steel or powder coat finish, this bumper is...More Details »
Bumper - Toyota - Bumper Grille Guard
Throttle Down Kustoms steel bumpers bolt right on to your Toyota truck’s frame. Sure, you’re driving an honest-to-goodness work truck, but a TDK bumper with a grille guard adds rugged style....More Details »
Bumper - Toyota - Cyclone
If you rely on your Toyota truck to get you to your favorite fishing spot before dawn or finish up at the job site after dark, this Throttle Down Kustoms Cyclone bumper is the perfect fit for you....More Details »
Bumper - Toyota - Mayhem
If you're going to upgrade to a steel bumper, go all out and get a rugged and stylish one! A Throttle Down Kustoms Mayhem bumper fits the bill. TDK is the best steel bumper brand for Toyota...More Details »
Bumper - Toyota - Prerunner
If you like to bomb around on off-road trails, a prerunner bumper is a must-have. Not only does a good prerunner bumper spruce up your Toyota's appearance, it also offers significant protection....More Details »
Bumper - Toyota - Push Bar
Your Toyota was built for hunting season, hard work, and harsh road conditions. This Throttle Down Kustoms Push Bar helps protect your Toyota truck from wildlife and other surprises you may...More Details »
Bumper - Toyota - Rear Bumper
Your Toyota truck will look as good heading out as it does heading in when you add a Throttle Down Kustoms rear bumper. Not only does a steel rear bumper give your truck a rugged look but they...More Details »