3 Good Reasons To Upgrade To A Heavy Duty Steel Bumper On Your Work Truck

So you’ve got a new heavy-duty truck ready to be put to good use. Is it really ready, though? Are the stock factory bumpers on your work truck up to the task of the daily grind?

Stock factory bumpers are normally made of plastic and/or aluminum to absorb impact in minor collisions, which minimizes repair costs. However, an accident or two will render your bumper useless. Also, factory bumpers aren’t built for towing. While you can install a hitch, you usually can’t mount towing accessories on one. (More about towing here.) That’s why your work truck needs a heavy-duty steel bumper.

With a well-built steel bumper, you’ll get:

1. More Protection

Work truck steel bumper

Work trucks aren’t cheap. Whether you have only yours or a whole fleet of heavy-duty trucks, you’ve invested a lot of money in an important aspect of your business.

Your investment deserves more than a factory bumper that offers little protection in high hazard areas. Work trucks are on the road a lot, often at daylight and dusk hours, increasing the risk of animal impact and other accidents on the road. Well-built steel bumpers (such as TDK’s, which are made of heavy gauge steel) are made to last a lifetime and keep your truck as intact as possible.

2. More Capability

Work truck custom steel bumper

Factory bumpers aren’t designed for a winch mount, tow hooks, and other accessories. There are ways to add these parts to a factory bumper, but it’s often difficult and there’s no guarantee that the bumper won’t sag or buckle under the added strain. Not to mention, paying for a heavy-duty winch mount gets you half-way to buying a whole new bumper.

Steel bumpers are strong enough to carry even the heaviest duty winches, and they can be customized to allow for easy mounting. Many steel bumpers, including ours, come with pre-cut holes to make adding accessories much easier.

3. Versatility

A work truck’s sole purpose is to make your job easier. Factory bumpers simply can’t offer the same level of versatility a steel bumper offers. Whether you’re looking to mount an LED light bar, add a heavy-duty winch, protect your grille with a grille guard…steel bumper options are varied.

The bottom line: installing a steel bumper is one of the best things you can do to protect and enhance your truck.

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