What’s The Best Steel Bumper Brand For Your Ford Transit Van?

A fleet of Ford Transits is a large investment, so it only makes sense to outfit them with steel bumpers. When it comes to protection, steel bumpers go a long way.

Why Get A Custom Steel Bumper For A Ford Transit?

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When most people hear “custom steel bumper”, they think of big beefed-up pickup trucks sporting steel bumpers. Well, steel bumpers aren’t built only for pickup trucks. Plenty of Ford Transit owners outfit their vans with steel bumpers. If you have a fleet of Transits, custom-built steel bumpers will bring a lot of benefits to the table:

  • Protection: A steel bumper protects the engine and other parts in the engine bay. The more Ford Transits you have out on the roads, the higher the risk of an accident. A well-built steel bumper will protect the engine from severe damage. A reputable company will build custom steel bumpers that fit your Transits well. A quality steel bumper will provide a lot more protection in an accident than the lightweight OEM bumpers. (More about protecting your Ford here.)
  • Customization: You can add your own spin to a custom steel bumper to meet your drivers’ needs (with fog light holes or recovery points, for example)

Throttle Down Kustoms Is A Leading Brand For Custom Ford Transit Steel Bumpers

Throttle Down Kustoms (TDK) is a leading brand for steel bumpers. We make high-quality custom steel bumpers for all kinds of vehicles, including 2015-2020 Ford Transits.

  • We do everything in house, including:
    • Designing custom bumpers
    • Engineering custom bumpers
    • Building custom bumpers
  • We hire smart, innovative, and highly trained professionals
  • All our bumpers come with a lifetime warranty

Why Are TDK Steel Bumpers The Best On The Market?

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Here are some reasons why TDK steel bumpers are among the best on the market:

  • We design, engineer, and build all our bumpers in-house. That means TDK bumpers are 100% made in the USA.
  • We use solid PNO steel plates to build our bumpers. These plates are 3/16″-1/4″ thick. That means our bumpers are sturdier than most bumpers.
  • Our bumpers are CNC laser cut for precise fitment.
  • All TDK bumpers come with a lifetime warranty.

Ordering Your TDK Steel Bumpers

Are you interested in ordering TDK steel bumpers for your fleet of Ford Transits? Head on over to this page and then customize your bumper(s) to fit your needs:

  • Choose whether you want a light hole
  • Choose whether you want a receiver hitch
  • Pick the powder coating color or bare steel

If you have any questions about ordering a TDK bumper for your Transit, you’re welcome to contact us.

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