Throttle Down Kustoms Now Offers Steel Bumpers For Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Vans

Drivers and fleet owners of 2019-2020 Mercedes Sprinter Vans now have the option to upgrade to a Throttle Down Kustoms high-quality steel bumper! We’ve expanded our product line to include seven different bumper styles, each of which will fit all four 2019-2020 Sprinter Van varieties – Cargo, Crew, Passenger and Cab Chassis.

Mercedes Sprinter

A note about the lineup expansion from our owner, Jeremy Pulse:

“This year, we’ve developed a number of bumpers for a variety of fitments based on customer demand, including the Bronco, the Titan XD and now the Mercedes Sprinter Van. It’s always exciting to apply TDK’s design and construction techniques to a new vehicle. Our custom steel bumpers not only serve a functional purpose but also look great – in fact, we’d argue that this Mercedes looks even better with a TDK bumper.”

The seven bumper styles available for the Mercedes Sprinter Van include the traditional bumper, bumper grille guard, cyclone, mayhem, prerunner, push bar and rear bumper, all of which are made at our facility in Moore, Montana. Cruise through our blog or website to find tips and tricks for proper installation, a straightforward process that requires no welding.

Quick TDK bumper facts:

  • Can be customized to include powder coating, lighting holes, winch mount and LED lighting
  • 3/16″ PNO steel plate
  • CNC cut for precise fitment

Start your search for a custom TDK Mercedes Sprinter steel bumper here.

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