Deer Protection

November 5, 2022 | Merrit Olson

I finally go my first deer last night! Coming back from Sidney at about 2:00AM, the ol' girl ran right out in front of me. Unfortunately, even though there was a plethora of deer, most of them had been hanging in the ditch for the past 200 miles. I was running out of miles and started to worry that Iwas going to make it all the way home with another boring, uneventful trip, but just within the last 40 miles, there she was, right in the middle fo th road! Centereing the intimidating TDK grill guard on her, it was a "dead" center hit about 50 mph! (Woulda taken her out at 70, but ya gotta give them at leasta chance to get off the road, right? ha, ha).

No damage to the truck. She didn't even clean the grasshoppers off the TDK where I hit her.

Thanks again, Jeremy. You saved me thou$ands!

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