Steel Bumper Options For Your 2006 Truck

If you’ve got an older truck, it can be difficult to find a nice steel bumper. You’ve come to the right place. We have many different models of bumpers available for older trucks. To give you an example, we’ll list the different options for just 2006 model year trucks below. Many of these designs are available on all Ford, Chevrolet, and Dodge trucks. It can be tough to know what to look for when selecting a replacement bumper for your truck. Thankfully we also have this guide to help you identify important aspects of your bumper purchase.

Bumpers Offered By Throttle Down Kustoms For 2006 Model Year Trucks:

If you click on this link, you’ll see our offerings for just the 2006 Chevrolet 1500. We have similar bumpers available for the 2006 Fords and Dodges. To summarize the different types of bumpers:

Steel Bumper

Steel bumper

Throttle Down Kustom’s Steel Bumper offers the upgraded steel protection from the standard OEM bumper while keeping many elements of the stock bumper look. This steel bumper features upgraded protection coupled with the TDK front end styling to keep your truck looking its best.

Push Bar

Pushbar steel bumper

If your truck sees more off-road use the Push Bar design may be best for your truck. Like all TDK designs, this bumper is a steel design and features the ‘push bar’ sitting above the bumper. This push bar is great for protecting your grille and bodywork in those rougher conditions.


Prerunner steel bumper

Another step-up from the Push-bar design is the Pre-runner bumper. This design has a more prominent front guard designed to protect your truck out on the trails and more rugged terrain. These bumpers offer protection for the headlights, grille and the majority of the front end on your truck.


Mayhem bumper

Even more aggressive than the Pre-runner design is the Mayhem design offering. It offers even more front-end protection while giving your truck an upgraded and more aggressive look. The Mayhem design is also great for off-road use.


Cyclone steel bumper

The Cyclone design also features TDK’s steel construction with a highly customizable design. The Cyclone is more customizable than the standard Steel Front Bumpers. For instance, you could add the Mayhem or the Prerunner uprights to the Cyclone. The Cyclone design is also great for installing additional lighting while maintaining a subtle and refined look.

Grille Guard

Bumper grille guard

Where the Mayhem offers upgraded front end protection with an aggressive look, the Grille Guard acts as a perfect counterpoint with headlight, grille and front end protection all wrapped in a more subtle welded steel design.

Rear Bumper

steel rear bumper

When replacing your front bumper, you can’t forget about the back side. TDK’s rear bumpers offer the same sturdy steel construction as the front bumpers, but keep the more refined rear end look.

Whatever bumper you’re looking for, you know Throttle Down Kustoms bumpers have got your truck protected from the elements. TDK bumpers are laser cut and hand welded in Montana. Give us a call if you’ve got any questions!

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