Should You Buy A Steel Bumper With LED Lights?

Steel bumpers are a great addition to your truck. They offer improved front-end protection, aggressive looks, and plenty of customization options. One of the mods you can do is install a set of LED lights. There are plenty of reasons why LEDs are a great customization option, but you need to keep a few points in mind before adding them to your steel bumper.

Why Have Led Lights On Your Steel Bumper?

  • Enhanced visibility
  • Improved safety
  • Unique style


Have you ever driven along a dimly lit road or gone off-roading at night? If so, you already know that standard headlights leave much to be desired. That’s why most off-roading enthusiasts fit LED lights to their vehicles. They shine far brighter than the standard items and can be mounted and angled to highlight any potential hazards along the road.

Our LED lights are designed to fit and work perfectly with our tough steel bumpers. They can handle the toughest conditions and help you see exactly where you need to go.


Seeing where you are going is obviously a basic necessity. Our steel bumper-mounted LED lights will make it far easier to spot potholes, animals, errant branches, and all sorts of road hazards out there.

Being seen is just as important when it comes to staying safe on the roads. Whether you are trudging along an inhospitable trail at night, or just heading home from the shops, LED lights will let others see your vehicle far more easily. You can also use LEDs as daytime running lights, giving you that extra level of safety when visibility conditions are poor.


Our steel bumpers give and truck a unique and aggressive look. Adding a set of LED lights to them sets you apart from the crowd even more.

Many of our steel bumpers come with the option of adding LED lights. You can choose from either 1 or 2 sets of light holes which can accommodate a wide range of LED lighting. We offer amber or clear lenses, driving lights, spotlights, and much more.

What To Know Before Adding LEDs To Your Bumper

  • Cost implications
  • Installation and wiring
  • Local laws regarding LED lights


Adding LED lights to your steel bumper will cost a bit more. The benefits far outweigh the added expense, though. And we offer many bumpers with LED mounting tabs, making installing LED lights cheaper and simpler. Even if you decide to do it at a later stage.

We also sell all the accessories required to make your LED lights work perfectly. And while you may pay a bit more upfront, a quality set of LED lights certainly adds value to your truck.


It is always a good idea to have your LED lights professionally installed. That said, every bumper and LED light set we sell comes with detailed installation instructions, making it as easy as possible. Even for DIY enthusiasts. Our lighting kits come with mounting brackets and wiring harnesses that are easy to fit.

We only use high-quality parts to prevent any issues with the wiring or lighting. Electrical shorts can damage your vehicle, and cheap LED lights often overheat and fail.

LED Lighting Laws

As a general rule, LED lighting is legal for off-road use in all 50 states. However, specific state and municipal laws govern where they can be mounted and how they can be used.

Many also restrict the use of specific colors. For example, red and blue are not allowed as legal agencies use them. Some states limit LED light bar use on public roads, while others have restrictions on the brightness levels. For more information about the LED lighting laws, read our blog here.

Choose Throttle Down Kustoms For Your LED-Equipped Steel Bumper

LED lights are a great addition to your steel bumper because:

  • Improves visibility on and off-road
  • Allows other road users to see you
  • Helps you avoid road hazards
  • Enhances the style of your truck

Throttle Down Kustoms has been making quality bumpers since 2004. Each bumper, frame, skid plate, or accessory is hand-welded by certified professionals. Many of our steel bumpers can be fitted with LED lights or have mounting points for them. We can cut light holes and install light bar mounting tabs to suit your needs.

And each one is built right here in the USA from the highest-quality materials. We also do custom fabrication and offer a lifetime warranty on our products. Contact us here for more information on what LED lighting solutions we can offer you.

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