Why Buy A Throttle Down Kustoms Bumper?

The Best Steel Bumper Money Can Buy

Every Throttle Down Kustoms Bumper Offers Bombproof Quality and Durability:

  • Every Bumper is Fabricated From High Grade US Steel, Laser Cut For Precision
  • Every Critical Weld Is Reinforced With Steel Supports
  • Every Bumper Is Handmade By A Certified Welder - We'll Put Our Welds Up Against Anyone In The Business

This Is The Best Steel Bumper Money Can Buy.

Exclusive Styling

A Lot Of Steel Bumpers Look The Same. At Throttle Down, We Design Our Bumpers To Stand Out From The Crowd:

  • Seven Different Styles To Choose From
  • Bumpers Can Be Painted To Match Your Vehicle
  • Extensive Customization Means Every Bumper Is Unique

We Make The Best Looking Steel Bumpers On The Market.

Every Bumper Is Custom

All Of Our Bumpers Are Made To Order:

  • Customize Lighting, Winch Mounts, Parking Sensors, And More
  • Available In Both Powdercoat And Ready-To-Paint Finish

Every Throttle Down Kustoms Bumper Is Custom Made At Our Shop In Montana.

Handmade In The USA, Guaranteed For Life

All Of Our Bumpers Are Handmade From US Steel In Moore, Montana:

  • We Use High Grade PNO Steel
  • We Inspect Every Weld On Every Bumper
  • We Guarantee Our Bumpers With A Full Lifetime Warranty

A Lot Of Companies Use Foreign Steel And Hire Inexperienced Welders To Make Their Products. We Don't.

Here's What Makes Our Bumpers Different