Cyclone Series Bumpers

Cyclone Series Bumpers

Throttle Down Kustoms' Cyclone series bumpers are the perfect fit between fun and function, offering more customization than any of our other bumpers! While all TDK bumpers are handcrafted in the USA with the highest quality materials, only the Cyclone series offers:

  1. A removable, customizable vent with multiple color choices, including stainless steel or unpainted
  2. An integrated LED light bar mount (with available 20" Rigid LED light bar)
  3. OEM parking sensors are fully supported
  4. You can customize the fog light holes in the bumper, go with 1, 2, or none per side

If you're looking for a customizable rugged steel truck bumper that is made in the USA and warrantied for life, you've found it!

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