How to Rip a Bumper Off a Truck

When you have a truck, you're seen as a useful hero among your family and friends. There are quite a few things you could do with a truck that you cannot do with a regular ol' sedan. For instance, you can haul big stuff like a washing machine or a couch, help people move, and rescue stuck vehicles.

Actually, not all trucks have what it takes to tow out a stuck vehicle. Even though most trucks have enough torque to pull another vehicle out of a ditch, pond, or snowbank, not all trucks have the right bumpers. Stock bumpers aren't made for towing, especially during recovery.

Why the Right Bumper Matters

Whether your truck is the vehicle that's stuck or the vehicle that's coming to the rescue, you need a proper bumper. That means a strong bumper with proper recovery points. Stock bumpers are lightweight, and really only provide minimum protection in an accident. They're certainly not made for towing. Even bumpers that will take a hitch ball should never be used for vehicle recovery.

If you take your truck off road a lot, or if you seem to be the go-to person for stuck vehicles, then a sturdy aftermarket steel bumper would be a sound investment.

Throttle Down Kustoms is the Ideal Brand for Steel Bumpers

Blue Toyota mayhem

When you're ready to upgrade to steel bumpers, Throttle Down Kustoms should be the first and only brand to look into.

All TDK bumpers are made of CNC cut solid steel, and they're welded by the best certified welders in the industry. That alone deems a TDK bumper suitable enough to handle a recovery, but there's more. Clevis mounts are standard on TDK bumpers, or an option, depending on the bumper. Last, but certainly not least, all TDK bumpers are designed with precise fitment in mind.

With a TDK bumper on your truck, recovery will be so much easier going forward.

TDK makes steel bumpers for all types of trucks, including Chevy trucks, Toyota trucks, Dodge trucks, and more. Check out all of the designs we have here