Jeep Frame Buyer’s Guide

A Jeep frame replacement is a big job that requires everything to go right in order to be successful. That’s why it always pays to be as informed as possible before starting the project. We put together this concise one-stop buyer’s guide to Jeep frames.

Anatomy Of A Jeep Frame

Jeep frames

A frame seems like a simple part, but it’s really important that it is precisely manufactured. It supports a lot of systems within the vehicle. For example, a Jeep frame has mounts for shocks, spring shackles, the motor, the body, and more. For an accurate picture of what a Jeep frame is and how it supports the rest of the car, check out The Anatomy of a 1982-1983 CJ5 Frame.

Reasons To Upgrade To An Aftermarket Jeep Frame

A Jeep frame replacement is a time-consuming process so it’s important to get it right the first time. The type of frame you buy plays a big part in whether it will last a long time. OEM Jeep frames are okay, but they weren’t designed for wider or one-ton axles, or for oversize tires. And it’s pretty difficult to find a used one that’s in great shape.

A high-quality aftermarket Jeep frame offers so much more value than an OEM frame does. It’s because:

  • OEM frames have extra holes in them, which leads to rust and corrosion.
  • Aftermarket frames are sturdier.
  • Aftermarket frames can be customized to meet your needs.
  • Aftermarket frames are built more precisely than OEM frames.
  • OEM Jeep frames can be pretty hard to find.

This comparison guide has more information on why an aftermarket Jeep frame is a better investment than an OEM frame.

A Few Things To Know About Replacing Your Jeep Frame

If you’re up for the task of replacing your Jeep’s frame yourself, you might benefit from this guide that’s packed with information about replacing a Jeep frame. To sum it up:

  • Some Jeep frames are interchangeable (check the guide for a list of Jeep models with frames that are interchangeable).
  • Rust protection is important, so be sure to get a replacement frame that’s protected against rust.
  • It takes about 20-40 hours total to replace a Jeep frame.
  • You would only need hand tools to replace a Jeep frame.
  • It’s smart to use brand new bolts while reassembling everything on the new frame, rather than use your old bolts.

Got any questions about replacing your Jeep frame? Contact us! We can’t offer any install tips, but we’ll be happy to answer any other questions you may have about replacing your Jeep’s frame.

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