Here’s How Buying US Made Products Benefits The Economy

There are many reasons to buy products made in the USA. For example, one of the hallmarks of a high quality steel bumper is the fact that it’s made in the USA. It’s because steel quality standards are much higher in the USA than other countries.

Another reason is the fact that buying USA-made products benefits the economy. During such turbulent times, every effort to save the American economy counts. Did you know that consumer spending drives over 70% of the US economy? As a consumer, you make more of a difference than you think when it comes to helping the American economy.

Buying USA-made products helps the American economy in so many different ways. For instance:

1. Buying US-Made Products Supports American Manufacturing Jobs

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The Economic Policy Institute (EPI) reported that between 1998 and 2013, the US lost 5.7 million manufacturing jobs. It’s mostly because of trade imbalances with China, Mexico, and other foreign countries.

As a consumer, you have the power to help people keep their manufacturing jobs. All you have to do is to buy USA-made products. According to the Center for Automotive Research, every auto manufacturing job supports nine other jobs. You would not only help these 10 people keep their jobs, but you’ll also help keep the unemployment rate down.

The lower the unemployment rate, the better the economy.

2. Buying US-Made Products Helps Expand The Tax Base

The more we keep our money within the US, the bigger our tax base will be. That means:

  • Better benefits
  • Better governmental services
  • Improvements within communities (i.e. better roads, bridges, etc.)

The more employees get to keep their jobs, the more taxes they pay. The same goes for businesses. The more money American businesses make, the more taxes they pay. Buying foreign-made products is helping fund other countries, not our own.

3. Buying US-Made Products Reduces American Trade Deficits


A trade deficit happens when you import more goods than you export. This creates a negative balance of trade. In other words, the amount of money leaving the USA exceeds the amount of money coming in.

The lower the American trade deficit, the better the American economy. The USA has been running trade deficits since 1976. In 2019, the US trade deficit was $616.8 billion. If that money was instead spent in the US, our economy would benefit. Imagine what our country can do with that kind of money!

While you can’t singlehandedly get rid of the trade deficit, you can still help reduce it. It’s quite easy: buy USA-made products. When more people decide to buy USA-made products, our trade deficit becomes smaller.

4. Buying US-Made Products Supports Local Communities

Did you know that small businesses generate almost 80% of American jobs? The stronger these businesses, the more secure the jobs are. That, in turn, helps local communities. Like we mentioned before, the tax base would be bigger. Small business would also be able to give more back to their local communities.

5. Buying US-Made Products Supports Related Businesses

When American businesses do well, they’re more likely to support fellow American businesses. Instead of going the cheap route with foreign companies, thriving American companies are more likely to:

  • Hire other American companies to provide services
  • Buy materials and other goods from other American companies

The bottom line? The more money we keep within the US, the stronger our economy will be. So how can you do your part? Make a point to buy only from the brands that proudly claim that their products are made in the USA.

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