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October 31, 2020
Gus X.

We got many compliments on our bumper while on our way home. Fortunately, we did not have to test out it’s effectiveness. However, I can attest that it allows me to check the oil without using a ladder.

Was a little disappointed with the view from the front facing camera; a cross bar right in the center of the picture, but something that I can get used to. A design with an open square in the center might work better for future models (I’ll waive royalties for this idea????). The view is something I can get used to and the front camera is only on to assist in parking the beast.

Right out of the drive on 9/21, the adaptive cruise worked just fine. About an hour down the road, it quit. Then we stopped and got gas or something and when we restarted the truck the adaptive cruise worked again. This pattern continued for days. Two different Ford dealers couldn’t find any explanation for the fault and correction other than shutting the truck off forced a hard reboot of the system.

Couple of weeks later while still on our trip, a friend suggested removing the recovery hook from the side of the bumper where the sensor is. We were grasping at straws, but theorized that the vibration of the hook bouncing off the bumper when we hit a rough patch of road was causing the issue. That seems to have done the trick. Cruise worked the rest of the way home.

So my really cool after market recovery hooks are stored under the seat just in case they are ever needed. The original equipment recovery hooks that we debated over taking with us found a new home on my brother-in-law’s 1975 FJ.

We’re home resting up and planning the next adventure.

Thanks for a good product. Be well.

Gus X.

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