3 Reasons To Upgrade To A Steel Bumper On Your Ford Super Duty

A Ford Super Duty truck has a lot to offer: a military-grade aluminum-alloy body, high payload, and best in class torque. You can’t go wrong with one of these beasts.

The stock bumpers on Super Duty trucks, however, aren’t as strong and durable as some would like. Good news, though: you can easily solve that problem by upgrading to a steel bumper.

Ford steel bumper

If you’re on the fence about upgrading, here are three things that may sway your decision:

1. Durability

Steel is durable and made to last a lifetime. While OE bumpers are fine in most cases, they’re not going to offer your off-road or work truck a lot of protection from hazards such as an animal strike or collision. Even a low-speed collision can destroy an OE bumper, but w well-built steel bumper will protect you and your Super Duty from just about anything.

2. Affordability

While it’s easy to balk at the upfront cost of a new steel bumper, it’s actually a wise long-term investment. A steel bumper protects the body of your Super Duty much better than an OEM bumper, meaning the risk of needing expensive body repairs down the road is reduced.

3. Better Energy Absorption

Bumpers have two purposes: protect the truck’s body and absorb impact. All else being equal, a steel bumper is going to be able to absorb a lot more impact than a factory bumper, meaning the truck’s body is much better protected.

The bottom line is a steel bumper is going to offer your Super Duty a lifelong extra layer of protection.

Quick Tips On Buying A Quality Steel Bumper

  • A bumper with a good-quality weld is the way to go. The quality of the weld plays a big part in your steel bumper’s longevity. While shopping for a steel bumper, pay close attention to the quality of the weld because some manufacturers skimp on it to save money. We employ skilled certified welders to hand-weld all of our bumpers because quality is our biggest priority.
  • Be extremely picky. The steel bumper market is loaded with so many choices that it wouldn’t make sense to just settle for a bumper that doesn’t quite meet all of your needs. We suggest having a steel bumper customized by a reputable manufacturer to ensure that you get exactly what you need.
  • Only buy a steel bumper that’s built in the USA. It’s because many other countries have lower steel quality standards than those in the USA. The quality of the steel makes a big difference in the durability of your bumper, so a good USA-built steel bumper will give you the most bang for your buck.
  • Buy from a manufacturer that offers a great and comprehensive warranty policy. Look for a reputable manufacturer that offers a well laid-out lifetime warranty policy.

Our Top Steel Bumper Recommendations For Ford Super Duty Trucks

Step up your Super Duty truck’s bumper game with one of these awesome Throttle Down Kustoms bumpers:

1. Bumper Grille Guard

Ford custom grille guard

A steel bumper grille guard is a godsend when you’re driving over a lot of rocks and debris. It protects the entire front of your truck, including the grille and the headlights, from any kind of impact.

2. Rear Bumper

Ford rear bumper custom

A lot of truck owners focus only on protecting the front of their truck, but investing in a steel rear bumper is a good idea. Heavy duty trucks need protection from all angles.

3. Prerunner

Ford prerunner grilles

If you’re taking your Super Duty four-wheeling or off-roading, a prerunner is a great choice for both protection and style.

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