Do Steel Bumpers Cause Problems With Parking Sensors?

There are many great reasons to install a steel bumper on your truck. The most common reasons are:

  • Durability
  • Style
  • Protection
  • Features, such as recovery points

Despite these solid reasons, some truck owners are hesitant to upgrade to a steel bumper. They’re worried that a steel bumper will impact the performance of the parking sensors.

This concern is valid, but it’s actually nothing to be worried about.

Steel Bumpers Don’t Cause Problems With Parking Sensors

Parking sensors are ultrasonic. That means parking sensors rely on high-frequency sound waves to detect objects and measure distances. It doesn’t matter how thick, heavy, or different your aftermarket steel bumper is. As long as the steel bumper has sensor mounting points in the correct locations, the parking sensors will work just fine.

Here’s a photo of a Throttle Down Kustoms steel bumper with parking sensors all set up:

parking sensors near bumper

Looks clean, doesn’t it?

The Importance Of Using The Right Steel Bumper Brand

If you want to retain the use of your parking sensors while installing a steel bumper, it’s important to get a good quality steel bumper. You want to ensure that:

  • The steel bumper has mounting points in the right places
  • The parking sensors are easy to install correctly

If you’re working with a reputable company that specializes in making bumpers (like Throttle Down Kustoms), you won’t have trouble incorporating your parking sensors.

If you’re DIY’ing or fabricating from a set of plans, then you definitely want to proceed with caution. Here’s a good post about why you should think twice before building a steel bumper yourself.

Throttle Down Kustoms Is A Trusted Brand

parking sensors with bumper

Looking for a high-quality steel bumper with mounting points for your parking sensors? Look no further than Throttle Down Kustoms. We’re a trusted brand with some of the best steel bumpers on the market. Check out the reviews and testimonials to see what we mean. Order your very own TDK custom steel bumper today!

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