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The 7/8" D-ring from Throttle Down Kustoms is the perfect accessory to your off-road rig. Whether you're stuck in a bog, need to pull a stranger out of a ditch, or just like the looks, you can count on this product to deliver.

Made from heavy-duty forged steel, the 7/8" D-ring has a towing capacity of 4.75tons! A black powder-coat finish ensures even the paint will last you. It makes the perfect vehicle recovery rigging point. Don't get caught out on the trails without one... or two. Order yours today!

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Description: TDK D-Ring 7/8" D-Ring Shackle 4.75 Tons Each Heavy Duty Forged Construction Black Powder Coated
Item #: TDK D-Ring
Condition: New
Limited Supply: Only 5 Left!
Price: $24.99

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