Best Steel Bumper Reviews For Ford Trucks

With so many steel bumper options available for your Ford truck, it can be difficult to decide on one. There are countless reasons why a Throttle Down Kustoms (TDK) bumper is the right one for your truck. But, we’d rather let our product speak for itself. We’ve compiled a list of customer reviews for our products below.

Ford steel bumper

“Didn’t think I would be so impressed!!”

Barrett P. couldn’t be happier with the way the TDK steel bumper looks on his 13th generation Ford F-150. Our bumpers are compatible with aftermarket accessories such as lights and winches. Pair that with the added style and durability, there are more pros than cons to adding a TDK steel bumper.

“This bumper is amazing, looks phenomenal, and is everything I wanted and more.”

Ford F-150 owner Charles C. owns a fully customized 12th generation truck. Along with his other modifications, our TDK bumper garners him many compliments, he wrote. Other reviewers chimed in with the same sentiment. Our bumpers turn heads everywhere.

“Your bumper saved my life”

A big advantage to steel bumpers is the improved durability over a factory bumper and the ability to withstand higher speed impacts. Tracy W. was driving her Ford F350 down the highway and went off the road in an attempt to dodge a group of deer. The maneuver launched her over 8-feet in the air. Coming down nose first, the TDK steel bumper took the brunt of the impact.

“All I had to do was set it in the frame and tighten up the bolts.”

Who doesn’t love a simple installation process? Super Duty owner Scott O. highlighted the easy installation and the flush fitment. “Everything leveled right up with equal clearance below the headlights on both sides,” he wrote. So many aftermarket products come with imperfect fitment. Our bumpers are CNC laser cut for precise fitment and hand welded by our certified welders to ensure we’re delivering you a quality product.

“The quality is exceptional!”

TDK steel bumpers are made from a high-quality PNO steel plate. This makes it one of the most durable on the market. This is why our steel bumpers are the go-to options for Gillett Ambulance Service in Gillett, Wisconsin. “It will no doubt help us get ourselves and our patients safely to our destinations for many years to come, ” Tracy Ondik wrote.

General Consensus

If you’re looking for a high-quality, stylish steel bumper for your Ford F-Series pickup, then a TDK bumper is the one for you. Our customer testimonials speak volumes for how durable and well-made our products are. To find which steel bumper is right for you, click here.

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