Are Steel Bumpers Worth It?

If you need to replace your bumpers or are looking to upgrade your truck’s look, you’ve probably wondered about steel bumpers. They are a great option if you’re looking to improve your truck’s looks. But what about other benefits? Are steel bumpers worth it?

Here we will talk about the benefits and the reasons why steel bumpers are worth the upgrade.

The Benefits Of Steel Bumpers

Steel bumper impact

Above: A TDK steel bumper after absorbing a severe frontal impact.

One common question we get asked a lot is if steel bumpers are safer than OEM ones. The answer depends on the type of incident.

Your vehicle’s bumper is only one component of an entire safety system and actually plays a small part in collision protection. The primary function of today’s OEM bumpers is to absorb energy from an impact. In serious accidents, the bumper works as part of your vehicle’s structure to protect you from injury. This is why they crumple along with the vehicle’s crumple zones and work with other systems like airbags, seatbelts, and door latches to maximize your safety.

A well-built bumper steel bumper like our custom Bumper/Grille Guard will perform basically the same as an OEM bumper in a high-speed collision or high-energy impact. But it will do more to prevent damage to your truck in the event of a low-speed impact. Low-speed impacts are more likely to occur than high-speed ones and include incidents like banging into something like a post, tree, or other objects. This is where steel bumpers offer the most benefit. They will also do better than an OEM bumper in a high-speed impact with a smaller animal, such as a deer.

Why Steel Bumpers Are Worth It

Bumper options

When it comes down to it, there are five reasons why steel bumpers are worth it. In addition to the safety benefit, here are some other reasons:

Capability And Versatility

If you use your truck for work including towing, providing extra light, or operating a winch, a steel bumper is almost a must-have item. It’s very difficult to add these accessories to a stock bumper that will get damaged after a lot of heavy use. Steel bumpers not only hold up better but they also better protect your truck. That’s why if put your truck to serious use, you need a steel bumper that’s up for the challenge.

Plenty Of Options To Choose From

Steel bumpers are a great way to personalize your truck, giving it a custom look. We offer styles for just about every make and model of truck, making it easy to find one to suit your taste.

Improved Towing And Vehicle Recovery Performance

If you tow or perform vehicle recovery work, a steel bumper is an absolute must. Unlike a stock OEM bumper, a steel bumper will not break or bend under the intense pressure from this work. Steel bumpers also are easily capable of handling towing.


Steel is one of the strongest, most durable materials on Earth which is why a steel bumper will look good for years to come, even after lots of abuse.

Whatever bumper you’re looking for, Throttle Down Kustoms bumpers will protect your truck from the elements. All our TDK bumpers are laser cut and hand welded in Montana and come with a lifetime warranty. If you also need custom work we can handle that too.

Contact us if you’ve got any questions!

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