5 DIY Grille Guards That Are DEFINITELY One Of A Kind

There are some things you should never DIY to save a few bucks, and a grille guard is one of them. Grille guards require fabrication experience to offer effective protection and good looks. While these DIY grille guards aren’t quite typical, they demonstrate one of the biggest risks of building your own grille guard: Sometimes, what you build might not look the way you want it to.

1. A Grille Guard Or A Fence?

Ford DIY grille

Photo credit: White Trash Repairs (now defunct)

A couple of guys spent two hours putting together this makeshift grille guard out of scrap metal just before their hunting trip. They were aware of how ridiculous it looked, and they enjoyed the fact that it garnered a lot of laughs. We hope these guys took that grille guard fencething down as soon as they came back from their hunting trip because that extremely low ground clearance is just asking for trouble.

2. The Little Prius That Thought It Could

Prius DIY grille

Photo credit: Reddit user b1llb3rt

Okay, this isn’t a DIY grille guard, but we have to wonder what professional thought this was an okay idea. We’re not sure where this Prius is traveling, but you can bet nothing will get in its way now.

3. A Repurposed…Bed Frame?

Lincoln DIY grille

A screen cap of this YouTube video

Did someone actually take a bed frame, make measurements, and bend it to fit the car? Yes. Yes they did.

4. This Is Guarding What, Exactly?

Tube guard ford

Photo credit: Ford-Trucks.com user gweeds

One of the main purposes of having a steel bumper or grille guard on your truck is to protect it from heavy impacts. While the owner of this particular ‘device’ built it with nothing more than leftover election signs and $20 worth of square tubes, it’s a good example of how a grille guard doesn’t always guard your vehicle.

5. Feeding The Horse

Mustang DIY grille

Photo credit: Reddit user _RZA

We have to admit that the horse feeder on this Mustang made us chuckle. Horse feeder on a Mustang… get it? Dad humor aside, should the Mustang ever crash into something, that box is going to crush the front of the Mustang anyway.

Bottom line: If you’re looking for a custom bumper or grille guard, don’t go the DIY route and see your creation end up in an article like this one. Hire a pro instead.

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